when one dog puts their paws on the back of another dog?


Chiquita has her dog boyfriend over this weekend. And I notice that she is constantly touching him. He's a lab/rotie mix. She's either following, circling, walking right beside while licking him, or putting her paws on his back. When he lies down chiquita comes over and paws him. She stands over him and continues to paw his face and back-I gather with the intention of making him pay attention to her. If they ever do rest-it can only be with chiquita sitting on top of him or at the very least touching him.

What is up with this????? Laughing Rolling Eyes
that was my question...
Very Happy
My snow does this to Bear

I have been told by my breeder the Snow is letting the male know she is alfa. in charge, i was here first! my home.
get the idea.
She herds him all the time but not Lily so much.
Hope this helps
Putting paws on the back is generally to show dominance, which is not a big deal unless her BF minds it. Same with putting their chin over the other dog's shoulders.
Dominance- paws on the back, pushing him to the floor, then sitting on him. Laughing
Kaytee @ 50 pounds compared to Bumble's @ 80 pounds.
But he's a pushover with the girls.

I've seen pawing as trying to initiate play or at least to get some sort of response.
Bumble's big on this one, but Emma does it too at times.

Chin across neck as dominance- pinning the dog.
Emma and Darby do this to Bumble.
All these moves may be used on their humans if
you aren't careful! Laughing
They sure can. DH likes to think he is pack leader Rolling Eyes
Last night he was sitting on the couch and annoying Tiggy by roughing up her hair (so much for the 4 hours I'd spent grooming her) so she jumped up and lay fair square on top of him.
He got the awww isnt she cute, she loves me so much look on his face. I dont think he really believes me when I tell him he just lost some major status in the pecking order stakes. Evil or Very Mad
But then he couldnt see the victory look on Tiggy's face. Wink


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