What is the best way to ship food items?


Now that my Air Force son has a semi-permanent address, I'm beginning to bake, cook and generally gather comfort foods that I can send him on a regular basis. I've looked at the regs on the USPS and UPS website, so I have a general idea of what I need to do. My question is: Does anyone here have any recommendations on who might be the most reliable and hassle free shipper, or who they prefer? This is going to be an on-going endeavor, so I welcome any input. I'd like the food to get there intact if at all possible.

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I would also welcome any tips on the best way to package to maintain freshness, etc. I'll be sending a variety of items (eg: homemade sauce, his absolute favorite hazelnut cake, local brand hot dogs by the pound) on a regular basis, so I'll need to keep things very cold if possible. This is a bit overwhelming, so any and all input gratefully accepted.

I'm sure others would have good advice too -

I know my home care clients recieve their meds that need to be refridgerated safely like this:
Double boxed (both cardboard). Inside that a small white styrofoam cooler, with those refreezable ice packs (usually 2) inside with the meds.

Also, can he ask the guys/gals that have been there longer what way works for getting their packages delivered safely and edible?

Good luck!
You can also contact your local military base and ask to speak to their Family Advocacy program manager. They should have instructions for how to ship. We only send the guys prepackaged stuff so I've never shipped homemade. I will see if anyone at work has anything prewritten.
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Ron wrote:
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I can certainly do that, Ron. But................What's the best way to ship YOU to Texas? Cool
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Church sends final's week packages to college bound parishioners. We ship a lot of cookies, etc. Always back tight so nothing shifts around. Extra space is fine for individual packages of cocoa type stuff. Everything goes Priority Mail USPS since all in US. We have shipped overseas, but I'm not up on the fastest way there.

For fresh food, can you freeze it? and ship with dry ice or at least cold packs. Ship next day service. Of course you hope he gets the package ASAP and it's not stuck in some mail room or other spot while he's at work. I'd rethink shipping so much fresh stuff until you know how quickly he can get it and refrigerate it.


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