Thunder and Lightning


Is it common for most OES or dogs in general to be scared of thunder and lightning? Or does this stem from previous experience of some sort?
Molly is gun-shy of Guns, Fireworks, and Thunder, and especially when it comes with some wicked lightning. She attempts to bury herself behind a couch or table or into the wall..............she hates it! I was wondering what others have found? Mike
I think its pretty common...I just know that when Heart hears thunder or sees lightening...she runs to the bathroom and tries to hide behind the toilet.. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Rolling Eyes Wink Wink
Gigi barks at thunder, fireworks, planes,..... Bogey barks slightly and hides behind me.
When Brick was young (up to around 3 years old), loud sounds never bothered him. As he gets older, these types of noises bother him more & more.
When he hears a loud, sharp noise, he goes looking for cover. Whether it's the basement, a closet, or interior room.
The lightning bothers him, too, as does the sound of heavy rain on the roof. I guess he put all 3 together.

Zeke, on the other hand was never phased by these types of noises but I suspect that as he gets older, he will be. He'll be 3 this month and I'm wondering how he will do with those midwest thunderstorms come springtime.
None of mine have been afraid of thunder, lightening or even fireworks.

My basset Simon and rat terrier Riley are deathly afraid of fireworks, but not storms.
Asterisk will sleep right through them. In fact, when she was a baby, I had to let her out in the rain before I went to work. That little pup decided to play!

Here's the photo I snapped when she came in
Most of my dogs have been and are afraid of thunder and fireworks. I wish they'd run and hide someplace inside rather than thinking my lap is a safe spot...or between my legs....or leaning on me. It is very hard to ignore them when they are close contact.
Only one of my three is afraid of thunderstorms (well, weather in general).

She's a pathetic weenie when it happens, too. 96lbs of panting, pacing, whining, hiding and crying.

The other two don't seem to notice at all.
Violet was never afraid of stoms until we moved to the house on the lake a few days before the 4th of July. We are no longer in that house but when a Thunderstorm starts brewing she wants me and the Aussies to go in the bedroom. Violet likes to then lay right in front of the tv. I think the tv cuts down on the sound and sooths her.
I'm happy that not one of our three take notice of loud noises. Yesterday we went for a walk and stood about 15 feet away from a moving train while we waited to cross the tracks. I was worried that they might get spooked but one turned the other way, the other one just stood there and one laid down.

My last dog, Lucy was terrified and would try to squeeze into any possible space she could get into, panting and breathing heavy. It was heartbreaking.
Gar could care less, Simon gets a little nervous.

Vaughn, at the bridge, would go almost catatonic. He would squeeze into the most impossible small space, shake and stare. When the storm was over he would somehow pull himself out of the small space and back to being a goofy dog.
We now have to plan around the holidays, such as 4th of July and such, but even Christmas, New Years can bring the dredded Sky Show of Fireworks, and everyone I hear/see includes those loud bangs/bursts, so we now plan to get Molly out of ear shot of these sounds as it seems to bother her awful. Last episode she attempted to get in behind the TV stand, where there is no room at all. She will bury her face against the wall, shake, and pant. That can't be comfortable for anyone. New Years eve. is LARGE fireworks show planned, we'll be traveling or at least out of town..........Good Luck and Good, Safe Holidays to everyone.
Molly, Karen and Mike
Lola LOVED thunder. She was interested in EVERYTHING.
Tonks and Luna are unafraid of loud noises; thunder, fireworks, you name it. But I know the breeder had exposed them to a racket at her place; she had a small infant and I think there was always noise associated with the child. Also, shortly after getting them home we had a storm come through Atlanta. Every time I saw the flash of lightening, I crammed a treat in their mouths. So by the time the thunder would roll, they'd be happily munching away. We'd read quite a few books on dogs and puppies and training before getting the girls, and this was suggested in all of them, to help them associate loud noises with something good instead of fear.
Nothing bothers Dutch Laughing, by the way Karen/Mike did you get the picture yet ?


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