Why do Old English Sheepdogs have webbed feet?


Why do Old English Sheepdogs have webbed feet? (what do you think)

When I watch the big dog shows on TV they seem to mention other breeds that have webbed feet.

However, I never knew until having my own sheepie they had webbed feet.
they do?
OES aren't a webbed foot breed. Your dog may be an anomaly like the many toed cat we used to have!
No. They don't. Typically. Or at least they're not supposed to. Shocked Laughing Laughing

Do you have an OES mix by chance? Or maybe your definition of webbed and the various breed standards' is slightly different?

A number of the breeds that are supposed to work in water have webbed feet. Porties, Chessies and Newfs come to mind. Kerry - have you looked at B's feet lately?

OES are not water dogs. A few may beg to differ, but, really they are not. Wink

well yeah - you really can't miss B's feet - especially when he is jumping up to say hello! they have platypus feet Wink ok maybe not that webbed - but they are definitely webbed. On the other hand all my OES have always had singular digit feet - so to speak.


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