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oes.org has a "wide reach". Because of all of the wonderful info and stories that you've posted over the last 4 years, oes.org has become quite popular on the web for people searching for things. Usually about dogs and fleas, ticks, vaccinations, product recalls, greenies, when to spay a dog, and even tick bite photos. Shocked (Yes, THAT tick bite photo) and other things.

So I'd like to see if we can have a little bit of fun, share our special knowledge and even learn a few things in a new section called "What Does It Mean?"

Here's what I'm thinking: There will be two kinds of posts. One type will be when someone has a question, the other will be when someone wants to simply offer up a piece of knowledge. Both types will have the same format for the "Subject" line: Assume it starts with "What does it mean when/if." So a subject might be written as "Your car's check engine light comes on".

If you want to know what it means, you would simply type in the subject and repeat it (with the "What does it mean when" in front of it) in the body of the post, and then any supporting information. So that post might look like this (pretend this is a new thread on the forum):

Subject: Your car's check engine light comes on.
What does it mean when your car's check engine light comes on?

I was driving down the street and all of a sudden I noticed that my car's check engine light came on. I pulled the car over and shut it down. When I started it back up again, the light was still on.

Anyone can reply and offer our 2 cents' worth, just like we do with any other topic here in the forum.

The same is true if you have a special piece of random info you'd like to share. Perhaps:

Subject:A smoke detector beeps every 30 seconds.
What does it mean when a smoke detector beeps every thirty seconds?

It means that it's time to replace the battery in your smoke detector. Battery operated smoke detectors need to have a battery in good shape to keep a watchful eye for smoke, and they also need to have a battery that can sound a loud alarm long enough to wake up the sleepiest of teenagers. Therefore, they have a built-in warning system designed to alert you by ceaselessly annoying you by beeping or chirping every 30 seconds. Replace that battery!

Better yet, replace your battery twice a year at daylight savings time, just to be sure.

Again, feel free to chime in with any amplifications or corrections, examples or humorous stories!

I think this format could be fun. We have lots of people with lots of knowledge about lots of things! I can imagine posts like:
What does it mean when I have received a letter from the IRS for more info.
What does it mean if I can't sleep at night?
What does it mean when a baseball player is being put on waivers?
What does it mean when my antique pocket watch runs fast?
What does it mean if my dog stares at the wall?

What else can you think of?
Just for fun, let's see how it goes!
By the way, don't feel compelled to answer any particluar question!

I'm thinking about throwing out a bunch of questions, if someone wants to answer, that's good too!
Just so you know, I'm posting some hypotheticals in the WDIM section -- in other words my dog isn't actually scooting his butt on the ground!

I'm trying to give y'all springboards and ideas about what kinds of things could be posted there, dog related or not.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Only 6 members have any questions or answers they can post in here?

I guess this is just going to be a failure... Rolling Eyes


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