Your dog scoots his butt along the ground?


What does it mean when your dog scoots his butt along the ground?
Could mean infected anal glands.

Zahra ( forgot to sign in)
ran out of toilet paper Confused
I wanted to answer because you are out of toliet paper but honestly I would check for worms or impacted anal glands. The only time I have had a dog do that it was from impacted anal glands.

BatonRougeSheepies wrote:
... I would check for worms or impacted anal glands.

Maybe it tickles him, and he likes it. I'll wait to see if baby J starts this. Wink

We're having a lot of this now thatwe'ved changed foods a few times. I always think, "that can't feel good on his little stub tail."
fetishism is not a uniquely human trait. the same goes for dogs that lick toes.
Well I know that dogs have itchy butts and that is the way that scratch it. My dogs in the past that have done what I refer to as "The butt walk" have usually done it before their anal sacs were expressed or right after. I'd say that it could be the anal sacs itching.
So far I have only seen my smaller dogs do it.
My Pomeranian that I had years ago used to do it if she had a dingleberry. Then things got really messy. Shocked
Definitely impacted anal glands. ICK!
Duh people! It means he doesn't have hands! Embarassed

ROTFLMAO Laughing Laughing
Hee Hee

last time our dog Royce did that he had a loooong string sticking out of his butt-hole!!! (Hmmm.. what could it be? I pulled a little bit and he freaked out!)

Went straight to the vet, and of course he went potty right before the vet entered the office and it turns out.....

It was a needle attached to a thread..
We were very lucky it didn't get stuck in his digestive track...
I don't know how he gets his hands on those things... but thank god!!

joanna21 wrote:
It was a needle attached to a thread..
It was a needle attached to a thread..


The Gooch did that a few months back...outside THANKFULLY...then that wonderful smell...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the smell of an expressed anal gland...nothing better! Laughing Well it happened in the car once...that was a GREAT trip...if my memory serves me right, it was when we had our initial meeting with Murph at the rescue!

If you are not opposed to it could feel it and see?! Laughing
Daisy does this occasionally. I took her to the vets wondering if it was worms or anal glands but no - nothing wrong.

Guess she just wants to wipe her butt off / no tp to be found.

Stacy wrote:
Definitely impacted anal glands. ICK!

Yeppers. Our darling mean ol'Molly (now at the bridge bossing the sheepies around and telling them where to stand) used to have this problem. And as badly as we felt for her, we always laughed when she'd do it. No, we're mean, it was just plain funny. We used to call it, The Tushie Dance"!
after awhile I think it would mean you need new carpet.


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