You let a dog guard your teddy bears???


What does it mean when you let a dog guard your teddy bears???

Pure chaos!!!!!!!

A 40,000 teddy which used to belong to Elvis Presley was among scores of toy bears destroyed when a dog meant to guard them went on the rampage.
Dobermann Barney was looking after the rare Steiff bear, named Mabel, which had been loaned for an exhibition at Wookey Hole Caves near Wells, Somerset.

The dog ripped the head off the bear and attacked scores of other teddies.
You can knock me down, chew on my face
Slobber my fur all over the place
You can do anything, you can take my wife!
But, Un uhh honey, lay off of my Steiff!

Rolling Eyes
That's hilarious.... LOL I can't believe they had a guard dog for teddy bears to begin with...LOL .... rotflmao... Laughing

I saw this on the news a few days ago. How funny.
Laughing Laughing
My boss at work brought this to my attention Friday. Of cource I had already seen it, but she asked me it the dog just went berserk or what. She is not a dog person so didn't really understand. She seemed to think that the dog should understand that when he is guarding something that he knows what he is guarding and that he shouldn't touch it.

I tried to explain that he was a guard dog to make sure nobody would enter the place where they were, but he would have no idea that all the stuffies in that room were not left for him to enjoy while on duty "guarding from intruders".

She just shook her head and suggested I was making excuses for him "going berserk".

Hey, how many of our dogs would have had a hey-day in that room? LOL

I'm sure if he was guarding ceramic statues he would have done well.
Maybe the guy who came up with that idea, will decided dogs should guard raw meat in meat lockers!



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