The cable truck parks on my grass and burns it?


What does it mean when the cable truck parks on my grass and burns it?

I don't have cable in my house, but for some reason the cable guy in the neighborhood (in a company truck) frequently (perhaps once every 2 weeks or so, that I notice) likes to park in front of my house, perhaps waiting for his next assignment, or trying to kill time. I really don't know.

Once a cable guy walked around my house and then was sitting there about an hour. I wasn't feeling well, but eventually got up and went outside and he was looking for my neighbor across the street (I guess he hasn't caught on to the even-odd thing). In fairness to the neighborhood cable guy, this guy was a subcontractor in a pickup with a cap, not a company vehicle.

This time, the truck (company) killed a 2 foot hole in my grass, probably right under where his catalytic converter was. It was really hot out and I'm sure he was just running his A/C the whole time.

So, what does it mean? Should I call'em up and yell at'em? 1st off, I can't prove it was them, second I can't prove it was that truck that burned the grass, 3rd I don't recall exactly which day it was, and 4th technically, that grass belongs to the town, my property line doesn't extend quite that far to the road, so it's in the town's right-of-way.
Working for a cable company, I think we would want to hear about this. The last thing cable needs is to have their reputation scorched by employees/contractors being careless about the neighborhood. If you could take some pictures, that would help, but I think a polite letter addressed to the system manager would be effective even without pictures. . .
I agree - it should be addressed. Is there any reason they need to park on the grass regardless of whether it is yours or city?


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