Fuses keep blowing while using my dryer?


What does it mean when fuses keep blowing while using my dryer?

After some bad thunderstorms, every time I use my dryer a fuse blows. I've replaced 7 fuses this week alone. Any thoughts?
Between the fuses and the phantom power you described in your other post, I'd call an electrician.. Power anomalies make me nervous.
I can't use the permanent press cycle on the dryer otherwise it strips the breaker. I figure it is the dryer and just use the common setting, 12 years later we are still drying. So there's a short in the control for the permanent press cycle..........

Not scientific, safe, or smart but solved the problem.
I'll try that, I always put it to the maximum dry setting... maybe if I try a normal dry cycle it will get through one load without blowing a fuse...
The fuses are probably slow blow. How long does it run before the fuse blows? Have you tried running 15 minutes then letting it cool and then running another 15, etc.?
Sometimes it blows immediately, as soon as I open the door of the dryer, or sometimes after it has run a few minutes. Then I put in a new fuse, start it again, and sometimes it blows again right away but usually it lets me get through at least one cycle.
Just thought I would mention, I decided to try shutting of the main power to the whole house, replaced ALL fuses, then turned it back on. So far so good! Smile

I think the storms messed things up....


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