My dishwasher doesn't get dishes clean anymore


What does it mean when my dishwasher doesn't get dishes clean anymore?

It's old, but it's a Kenmore, and still looks brand new. I've run CLR and similar products through it, the float is fine, it's taking in water fine, and it's pumping water out fine. When the dishes come out they have black flecks on them and the top rack looks like the water barely touched it.
I'm not sure if it's a problem with the dishwasher, or if this house can't supply enough power to run it properly.
I had a similar problem. I gave up on the dishwasher and started washing all my dishes by hand again, lol
That's what I did too, but I'd love to be able to use it again.....
I don't know...Jason tried everything he knew to fix ours. I told him not to worry about it. After having the boys, washing dishes is relaxing now, because they won't be calling for me or hanging off of me then - lol
Try running a pint of Tang through the dishwasher instead of the CLR which cold damage seals.
Sounds like either there may be food (or rust, or other particles) stuck in the sprayers or the pump has failed. I'm assuming that this is a single pump model, and since you have nothing to lose.... I'd try to disassemble the sprayers and clean them out manually.

If you can't figure out how to disassemble the sprayers (not sure I'd know how, probably requires removal of the unit to get at the hose connections) perhaps the particles could be dislodged by "reverse flushing" and sticking the garden hose full blast into into the spray nozzles, one at a time, and with sufficient time so that any dislodge particles might be transported back. Then BE SURE to set the cycle to DRAIN (empty) and not a cleaning cycle, so that the particles are sent out the drain.

Good luck!
I'm not exactly sure how I'd do that... but it does give me an idea... at least as far as cleaning out the sprayer thingies.... just have to figure out how.
Our water is so hard here. It was building up lime,clogging the sprayers and leaving a lime film on my glasses.
I found a wonderful product called "Lemi-Shine". It is made from fruit acids and is enviromentally safe. Regular use cleaned out all the lime and has kept it from building up. Now everthing comes out sparkling!
Plain white vinegar is cheap, environmentally safe, works great on hard water deposits, and comes in gallon jugs. I've poured it straight into the bottom of my dishwasher and let it sit, then run it through the cycles.

I think Ron has some good ideas. If nothing is clogged, it could be a pump. Have you called a repairman? It might be worth doing.


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