When you remember your dreams?


What does it mean when you remember your dreams?

Brian always says that he doesnt dream...I know for a fact that he does because he talks in his sleep...I on the other hand remember 90% of my dreams in vivid detail...last nights one was a doozie....

it contained an condo complex (started out as the one my grandparents had) but turned into a logde...very snowy and icey...climbing stairs and finding a moose running toward us (I dont know who the other person was) hid under the stairs..moose sees me, I drop my keys, try to run around the stairs, slip on ice, crawl up the stairs...moose is behind me closing in.....the alarm goes off.....

first of all Ive never seen a real life moose...I didnt watch the national geographic channel last night...and its freaking hot here....

who cares to explain this one??
I have one very real explaination for.
I have had some real doozies myself lately. Good enough for a book...maybe even a movie. lmao
I am taking Trazodone...and a sleeping pill. Trazodone is known for giving very vivid dreams and boy does it ever.

How about this... Avoid moose when traveling to icy areas. Seriously, those guys are mean if you tick them off. Mostly they'll just stand and stare at you while eating water plants though...

Actually I'm sure the moose is a symbol for something you're nervous about or frightened of. Anytime you dream about something chasing you, it usually means there is something going on that you are trying to avoid, or don't want to deal with.

Maybe an annoying project at work? Are you putting moose decor in someone's kitchen again Darcy?
I often have vivid dreams too. I find that my dreams are more vivid when I eat dinner later than usual. I also tend to remember my dreams when I wake up naturally (such as by internal clock, light outside, etc.) but they are harder to remember if I am woken suddenly, such as from an alarm clock or other noise.

Can't help with the Moose. Shocked
First you're having dreams about school, then about being chased...hmmm, you MUST be anxious about something.

I've been having REALLY vivd dreams lately, too. One was with all sorts of old classmates, from high school and college and one was with tornadoes chasing me and once one came through another would come, no matter where I went...

Darcy wrote:
Brian always says that he doesnt dream...I know for a fact that he does because he talks in his sleep...
If you wake him up during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep (he is probably in REM sleep when he is talking in his sleep, too) and immediately ask him what was he was thinking about, he'll probably be able to remember his dream.

I'd get his permission first. Very Happy
no way would i EVER wake him up......he is a grumpy morning person.....i just lay there and listen to what he says and try to piece it all together....
C'mon, fess up. You're just listening for names....
of course I am Shocked but not in THAT way...just to hear some juicey gossip....the funnies one to date was one night he was muttering..."f......yooooo..." over and over again...not loudly, not meanly, just softly.....I asked him the next day...and of course he remembers nothing.... Shocked It was probably me in his dream...
slight tangent.....when you dream you are someplace, is it always the same place?? I havent lived in the house I grew up in for 21 yrs...however, every dream occurs in and around this house...does anyone else do this?
LOL! I was just at my parent's old house a few nights ago in my dream.
There are also certain places in my dreams that are slightly different than in "real life". My dreams add all sorts of things that were never there.
But I do have reoccuring dreams and I am in the same places over & over.
They other night I found the toenail clippers which have been missing forever. I was so upset when I woke up because I really didn't find them Sad
One dream was in a house I haven't been inside for 42 years! It involved redecorating that place. Wow! Turned out great.

I'm pretty sure the dream meant I need to redo my relationship with my family......yuck. Still, I can do some pretty nifty redecorating when the cost is just a few moments in REM.
When I have trouble falling asleep, I think of ways to decorate my house and friends houses...instead of falling asleep faster, I stay awake until I figure it out...lol
Yeah Darcy, because it's too close to your job! I'd have to completely shut my mind off from any decorating thoughts least I too go sleepless trying to solve problems at work.

yeah but if I had my way..my next door neighbor would have a really cool 1920's interior to match her deco exterior...think stained black hard wood floors...60'' round dining table ...black and white tile on the floor of the kitchen....etc....I told her about it and she turned me down...said my dreams were too expensive for her...lol.....
Darcy, I have a recurrent dream about the house I lived in from birth til I was 21. Usually the bathroom! Shocked (the bathroom was really pretty--pink and grey tile, pink toilet and tub...) And I have the standard "I forgot to go to class all year and today is the final" dream.

The house dream intrigues me. We must find out what it means.
Paula, isnt it weird??? They may start out in other places, but I always end up there...the house is not exactly as it was in real life, but I know where I am and where everything is.... I wonder if it has to do with the comfort of being Home..someone else taking care of you and not having the responsiblities that you do now....
Do you guys remember your dreams in color or in black and white??

I seem to remember distinct colors of certain items
I dream in color...vivid colors most of the time...

Darcy wrote:
I dream in color...vivid colors most of the time...

me too Cool
That moose dream is somethin else Darcy Shocked

I take ativan to sleep most of the time, so I don't often dream at all with that stuff, apparently people really don't dream with ativan in their systems, it's not a case of not remembering them.
When I don't take it however, I DO dream, and remember many of them so vividly they seem real.

I've had recurring dreams too, one since I was 5 about my mom and nana, it's just creepy, they sit at a little dinette table, I'm under the table and they are staring at me with huge dead eyes.

Another recurring dream that I've had about once a year for the last 4 years is about a house that I can still remember in such vivid detail, I could map it out no problem. It's huge, and bigger inside than out, it is on the edge of the river on one side, and a cemetary on another. The grass is short and golf course green, all the curtains are white sheer and always blowing as if there are no real windows. I've never seen a house like it before.... each room is a different color, some neutral beiges and whites, some are disgusting hospital green and pink, it has a "secret" circular staircase like in a castle, totally enclosed, that goes from the kitchen to the upper hall.
I keep dreaming the same details, but different events. In the first one I was chasing a rather large turtle. The turtle didn't move fast, but it was like I was walking in quicksand and couldn't catch up to it anyway. LOL

In every single dream there is myself, my husband (even though I may not *see* him in each dream, there is just a kind of awareness that he is around somewhere) and my children (again, if I don't see them, I just know they're there somewhere) except there is always one extra child. She gets older each time I have the dream. I know in the dreams that she is my daughter, she has long, curly black hair and green eyes like my husband, and a button nose.
I used to think that meant we would have another child someday, and that was her.... LOL.... but now I know that's not the case so I have no idea what they mean.
I just had this very discussion with an "authority" on the subject. Some of you may have hear of Jim Maas, The "Sleep Dr" he is a Professor of Sleep Medicine at Cornell University and has written several books on the subject. He has appearred on the Oprah show and appears on teh Today Show as well as other Morning Shows to discuss sleep issues frequently.

He is a good friend of mine and since sleep is a subject near and dear to me since it FREQUENTLY eludes me we often have discussions about it.

As someone else mentioned, I think it was Ron, the dreams we most often remember are the ones that we wake in the midst of (during the REM cycle). People who sleep soundly and well, completing their sleep cycle do dream but they don't usually remember their dreams beacuse they are way past the REM stage when they wake.

The best person to interpret you dream is you yourself. For most people is you really stop and think about what it is you dream you can figure out what the meaning is to you. What means something to me might have an entirely different meaning to someone else. People who think they can interpret our dreams for us are really just hokey pokey.


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