The same people get called


What does it mean when the same people get called over and over and over again for

jury duty Question Question Question
It means THANK YOU for doing your civic duty, and that I, once again lucked out and have not been called. Wink
That happened to me once. I was called and went in for Jury Duty. Two weeks later I got another notice. Turns out that I somehow was registered twice. Once with my first and last name and once first, last and middle initial. I called the courthouse and once we figured out what happened they "erased" the second me. Shocked
Happened to me, nearly back to back to back. In 2 years I served on Grand Jury, municipal court and federal court. Here they select from voters registration and driver's licenses. I loved Grand Jury even though it lasted 3 months.

My hubby has been called three different times to jury duty and I have never been called.
In Massachusetts they select from the census data since being a voter or a driver isn't a requirement. There are no requirements other than being a member of the community, generally meaning the county.
I think I read they are moving to census here too to enlarge the pool. Probably smart because so many here don't bother with driver's licenses...... Crying or Very sad that doesn't mean they don't drive though.
happens to me all of the time.....brian has NEVER been called...go figure....
Me too. I've been called everywhere I've ever lived. I've lived here for 4 years and have been called once. Tim has lived here his whole life and has never been called once.
Jason & I both have been very lucky and never been called (knocking on wood).
Ive been called several times and my dad just called to let me know I've been called for jury duty again in San Diego--I haven't lived there for 3 years!
because you are Laughing

hoffma wrote:
because you are Laughing

Thank you! But , why this luck not work for the lottery Question Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
I was called with a date of March 28th and asked to reschedule due to impending child. Glad I did since that was the day Zach came. Was rescheduled for 8/14/06. Got there and was told my 2 days were cancelled. I imagine I will be called again soon....
Here in Massachusetts, (for Massachusetts courts), we're on a "1 day or 1 trial" jury service system. That means that if/when you get called, you serve for that day, sitting around in a jury pool room and potentially being interviewed for a trial. If any trial on which you are empaneled goes longer than 1 day, you get to stay on that jury until the trial ends.

Either way, you are then excused for 2 years (I think).

I have been called once; Joan several times.

Come to think of it, they may be using more than census data in generating their jury pool list. When Joan and I returned from our trip we cancelled our mail forwarding which was going to my parents home in a different town (and county). Somehow that info got screwed up and my mother started to receive mail here at our home, even though she never lived here, and even though she had passed away about 6 weeks after our return.

Mom got called to jury duty at my address. Now she was a civic minded person, and I'm sure she would have loved to attend, but they couldn't get good delivery on the notice to her. I didn't know the street address to forward the summons. Wink


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