You dream your dog got hit by a car?


What does it mean when you dream your dog got hit by a car?

This was definitely a very vivid, memorable and horrible dream! We were all playing in the yard, and for some reason there were several dogs there with walter...he caught sight of something (bird, etc) and took off running, not to be distracted by anything, including the desperate calls of his master...well, of course, WHAM, right under a passing car.

i ran as fast as i could to his aide, and as the car moved aside, i found that it was NOT walter, but rather some other dog. i scoured the neighborhood looking for Walt, and found him happily exploring a neighbor's house, completely unscathed...

should i buy a fence? haha
When I was a little girl my Dad used to take our OES Daisy to a huge field on the edge of railroad tracks.

For years I kept having nightmares that she got hit by a train. Shocked
I heard the train coming and Dad called Daisy but she did not come.
She kept chasing after the train. It was not a pretty scene. A little girl should not have had dreams that gory but I did. Even after we moved to a different house and Daisy no longer played in that field.
I think it just means that you are really attached and love your dog and want no harm to come to him!

I had a dream that Panda ran from me and somehow fell off of a scafolding...I found her and she was fine...but oh the terror!

ps...the fence isnt a bad idea Wink
Yeah. Get the fence. How many times can your heart stand that dream?

If we were dream psychologists we'd say you know something you treasure is in danger and realize something needs to be done about it.



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