When you suddenly start to enjoy classical music?


What does it mean when you suddenly start to enjoy classical music?

I love jazz, rock and roll, and every kind of music, except classical.

So, I turn on the tv to PBS and hear ...........


and now I'm hooked Shocked Shocked

Go fiqure Rolling Eyes
Not sure if it means we are getting older or just finally can appreciate different types of music.

When I heard Josh Groban I felt the same way - hooked. For a young man he has so much talent.
It means you're in for a real treat....Andre Rieu is on PBS ALL THE TIME!!!

It's awesome though, that you appreciate the classics!
It means that you really do appreciate music!! I have always loved classical. Especially when I was in college driving home at 2 am from bartending. It helped me unwind by the time I got home!
I love classical music too. I make my boys listen to it when they're falling asleep. Smile

I played classical every night when lil J was in my tummy. Smile Of course most infant toys have classical music on them now too.
Your mind is thirsting for melody, harmony, mental stimulation, not just physical stimulation.

BTW, remember when they were pushing Mozart for unborn babies.....HA, the little guys can only hear their mother's voice and then only very distorted like sound under water.
I've read that too. It's conflicting because evidence also has shown that the same music played before the child is born ...can be recognized when the child comes out. The music can be heard if played real loud with headphones, which I did (or if you put a speaker near you). Plus, classical music is said to improve their learning process. It sure helped me get some extra time to myself when I play it now! He always calms down when he hears it. Smile

SheepieBoss wrote:
I'm not saying they can't hear at all, they can hear distorted sounds. He probably does recognize the sound and settles. thank heavens!

I'm just saying if you don't have the sound close to the baby and volume up high, the little one isn't going to hear it.

Did you put the earphones around your belly? Funny mental picture.
Yes! After a few weeks, he began kicking to the beat of the song. Did it at the same time every night. By the end of the pregnancy, I ruined an expensive pair of earphones (their big ones) since I would fall asleep w/o taking them off. I hated when I woke up all tangled around them (having do untangle yourself in the middle of the night isn't fun ...when you're lazy and tired)
Apparently the type of music to be in now is hip-hop or rap. Big Big Money. To bad you didn't play that music for Lil J - I could just see him as a rapper with a sheepie. ROFL

SheepieBoss wrote:
Your mind is thirsting for melody, harmony, mental stimulation, not just physical stimulation.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

Found the 5 Browns too! This classical music appreciation is
getting to be an addiction Very Happy


I could just see him as a rapper with a sheepie. ROFL

lol, oh no.. don't say that! he already has a "bully of the school yard" look to him. he's so big and chunky. not to mention a little aloof to the other babies. we go to a playgroup (just babies up to 12 months) and all the girls crawl all over him, and he has this look of horror on him every time. Laughing

He feels more comfortable around the little boys. I think it's because they don't try giving kisses. hopefully it's not because he hates girls. Wink


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