When someone's birth name is part of their profession?


What does it mean when someone's birth name is part of their profession?

We had a house painter out today to give us an estimate. His name was Pete GRAY.

In grade school our principal's name was Mr. Bell & we had a music teacher named Miss Horn.

Do you think people are destined for a certain profession?
Nope, or I'd be digging large water sources for residential areas! Laughing

Maxmm wrote:
Nope, or I'd be digging large water sources for residential areas! Laughing

I dunno, that sounds kind of appealing...
well, my last name in greek means crown so that would be awesome!!

I could definatley be a queen or something...LOL
Or you could work at Burger King. Would you like fries with that?
of course when me and b/f get married my last name would change and I would be the town's baker
I had a GI radiologist who's name was Dr. Gasparitis...nearly fell out of my gown Shocked
my dentist's name is Dr. Savage

there is also one in the town where I grew up named Dr. Rough ("Ruff")
An associate of my brother's had a urologist named Dr. Lapenis. Seriously. Or so I'm told.
In a local town Police Department, there were Officer Stone, Officer Blood, and Chief Rumble.
I would be Lord. Smile I think I could handle that.
We have a dentist in town named Dr. Hurt. His slogan is "Just my name, not my intention.)
There is a local dentist here in Baton Rouge - Dr. Coward. The name of his practice is Coward's Dentist.
Billy had a dentist named Dr Meany! lol
Billy said he was a very gentle Dr though. Smile
I saw a doctor that was called Dr Deathe Laughing he pronounced it Dee arth... still made me chuckle
We had a teacher intern in Jr High home ec who's name was Miss Bonebreak. Her dad was a doctor!
We have a surgeon in town named Dr. Hacker....
We have an endocrinologist named Dr. Pons.
I had a dentist named Dr. Pain HONEST Shocked
Theresa had a orthodontist named Dr. Seuss! And he was the sexy cosmo man of the month!
We briefly went to a dentist named Dr. Mangle. We moved before we needed to go back.
I had a neurologist named Dr. Cure. My knee surgeon's name is Dr. Patel (patella = kneecap).
We had a dentist in our town named Dr. Slick .
Zahra, that reminded me of a Dentist here. His name is Dr Daddio.
I always said he must be THE MAN, when we'd see his commercial! What a cool name! lol
Then hubby went to his house to do some plumbing work and guess what?
He WAS THE MAN! Laughing
I won't even tell you guys what my married name will be. Wink
Ha ha! We'll find out at your wedding. Laughing Laughing
My dentist - a 6'4 blond Swedish fellow is named Dr. Jinks... Excited

I have heard of a fellow working in a bank called Robin Banks. That cracks me up!!

My sister Nancy, once dated a guy named John Fancy..good thing they didn't get married. Excited

Marianne and the boys
My name in english means "Who is like the lord" ....hahaha.....um...no comment!!

this post is funny!

That's so funny that there are so many funny dentist/doctor names out there. I had a dentist named Dr Heeter for whatever that's worth...

ButtersStotch wrote:
I won't even tell you guys what my married name will be. Wink

I was glad to get rid of my maiden name, nice simple one now Wink

Had a friend at school with the surname Butcher, yep you guessed it, ended up in that profession. Laughing

No 1 son had a kinder teacher Mrs. Cook, she always baked treats for her class so he always called her Mrs. Cooking Wink

A Dr. Named Wong, what's wong with that ???????????Lol
Oh, that reminds me!

I had a Dr. Oh once. He was an orthopedic doctor, so you'd see him if you had an injury. Oh!
The dentist's name that took out all of our (my sister's and I) wisdom teeth was named Dr. Blood.

My name is Bridget and my dad has worked for bridge companies since I was born and now I work for a road/bridge company...... Let Me Think About That
We had an ice cream man for 2 summers growing up whos name was Bob Freeze! We didn't believe him until he showed us his license.
I just noticed one of the local radio personalties here is named Libby Roads...of course, she ususally gives the traffic report. Wink
I think Karma is coming back to get me for starting this thread. I have an appointment for an internal medicine specialist on Friday & his name is DR. FINK!! Rolling Eyes
Just read this old thread. Hagerstown,MD has cornered the market on this. One of the best ER doc's I've ever worked with...Dr. Pepper, he gets lots of mileage out of that one. We have 2 pediatric dentists in the same office, Drs Toothman and Pearlman. Dr Oh the gynecologist, Dr Trace the gastroenterologist, and the list goes on.


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