When you break your wedding ring.....


What does it mean when you break your wedding ring.....

This weekend I looked down to see that a piece of gold was missing and one of the diamonds was missing. I figured it I hit my hand hard enough for gold to break I would know it. Also I wear my engagement ring on top of my wedding ring so if I hit it against anything I would have known.
Luckily the ring is under warranty and Billy bought the diamond replacement plan. So I will get a new diamond.
Is it bad luck to break your wedding ring???
Let's hope not! Good thing he had that insurance plan! I quit wearing everyday ringrings as I'm just too hard on them. Too bad because I love them.

My mom lost her engagement ring in Lake Erie sometime before any of us were born - they have been married 35 years so far!!! hearts hearts hearts
Losing and breaking are two different things though... Twisted Evil
That's not nice Jill. Blinking Cow
I did break part of the ring and lost part of it.
No sure if breaking it brings you bad luck... hope not.

I do know that if you Flush your wedding ring down the toilet.. it will come back up....

Dudster wrote:
I do know that if you Flush your wedding ring down the toilet.. it will come back up....

LMAO Laughing Laughing
I hope your ring is good as new very soon E! It's always a bummer to have a treasured peice of jewelry broken Sad dont' feel bad though...

My mom ruined her wedding ring... several times. she had a solitaire, and she was constantly chewing up the tines in the setting. After sending it in to be fixed a couple times, she finally gave up and put it in a safety deposit box. I keep telling her she should pull it back out and have it set in a necklace or something easier to take care of!

By the way, for all those interested in general jewelry care (from someone who was "in the busines") TAKE YOUR RING(S) OFF AT NIGHT! One of the worst things you can do to your jewelry is wear it to bed... why? Because during the night the bedding will catch at the tines and casings, yanking and wearing on them and pulling your gems loose! And no.. it doesn't mean you're bad wife, it means that you're protecting the investment you happen to wear on a daily basis Smile I take mine off every night, and wash it in a warmed jewelry cleansing solution at least once monthly (and before important events). An old toothbrush works great to get out the gunk in the times!
I broke mine a couple years after we were married. I guess I didn't get bad luck from it - Aug 26th was our 23rd anniversary.
I have an aunt who ground hers up in the disposal - accidentally of course - and she and her hubby have been married some 20 years after this incident! Razz
Thanks guys, you have made me feel better. Smile
It just means Billy has to buy you a BIGGER BETTER AND SHINNIER ring this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool
Too bad he said he already did his job by buying the first ring.
I have to get it fixed. It matched the engagement ring and they look so pretty together.
I just picked up the ring to put it into an envelope to bring to the jewelers.
When I picked it up I lost another diamond. Shocked
The ring had been sitting in a small tray next to the sink.
I bet the little diamond went right down the drain. Crying or Very sad
Well at least now that it is in the envelope I can no longer do more damage....at least I hope! Puppydog Eyes
Oh no! Big hugs. Keep your eyes out, once a diamond is out of it's setting it can be hard to find, but turning out the lights and using a flashlight in the area to look for a glint might help. I hope it didn't go down the sink!
If you haven't run any water in the sink yet, you could take the elbow off and see if it's in there. If not, bring on the insurance money!!!
I hope it was a tiny accent type of diamond... Sad

To best use a flashlight to help find something tiny, turn off all the lights, close all the shades (a good idea if it's nighttime, anyway Smile ) and lay the flashlight down on it's side so that the light is "raking" across the floor (or countertop).

Raking light will show you every single piece of dirt in the beam of light.
Try shining the light from different directions; at LEAST in two directions 90 degrees apart.

Someday I'll show how using raking light can help people get a perfect drywall seam. Very Happy
I gave up on looking for it and headed to Orange County yesterday to go to the Jeweler and visit Grandma.
Ron, My wedding ring matches my engagement ring.
This is my wedding ring
I lost the two diamonds to the right of the center stone.
The piece of gold between the two diamonds broke off.
The new diamonds for the ring are covered by the warranty.
Rebuilding the gold on the ring will cost me $100 Sad
I messed it up good, though I still don't know how and don't remember hitting it.
E, i feel for you....I have had nothing but problems with my ring! It has 4 rows of bagets (2 on each side)....and when i bought the ring it was a size 6.....they had to reduce the size to a 4 1/4....the guy NEVER explained to me that that would open the setting up and create problems. I have lost 6 or 7 of the bagets and the jeweler only warrentied it for the first year. So far I have replaced 2 on my own and at $75.00 a pop, it starts getting old......

I could get on my soap box about this.....I dont let people have unfunctional kitchens....its my JOB to make sure that people have the most funtional pretty kitchen that they can afford....a jeweler should be the same way....he could have led me to a different design that would have been more appropriate to my finger size......

I guess, Im just trying to tell you to be careful now. Once the original setting has been messed with, you could be in for a diamond loss......

ps.....b and i are still going strong even after so many diamonds missing..... Very Happy


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