When a different forum has a Ron guru too???


What does it mean a different forum has a Ron guru too???

when I recently got a beautiful new aquarium from one of my co-workers- a big 50 Gallon with everything included. I've always wanted an African Rift Cichlid setup (For those who don't know, African Rift Cichlids are a group of small, colorful fish that live in lake Tanganyika and lake Malawi in Africa). So being the forum girl that I am... I started exploring the cichlid forums, to learn more about my new fishy friends.

To my surprise one of the main forum fish Gurus names was... You guessed it RON! What was even more interesting was the setup of the forum is very similar to ours, if not quite so fabulous, the programming is the same.

So what does this mean? Do people by the name of Ron just happen to be very knowledgeable folks in the animal arena of their choosing?

Or is our fearless leader moonlighting as a fish enthusiast?
Laughing Laughing Coincidence, or does Ron have an alter-ego?! Shocked
I visited that forum when we had Cichlids!!!! I'm pretty sure that Ron and I even chatted about it one night!

I think it's a conspiracy!

Good luck with the Cichlids. After about 6 years we ended up with one giant Convict Cichlid who would kill anything. I went to stores and asked for the meanest, nastiest fish they had and he left nothing but bones in a matter of minutes, each and every time. He used to stare at me through the tank with this look that said, "If I get out of here, you're dead!" Did I mention that I hate fish? Shocked
I always thought Ron was a little fishy BadaBing!
Anyone notice that Ron has remained mysteriously silent on the manner??? Twisted Evil
What's your point? Very Happy
Are you going to give us the link? LOL I'm curious now... Laughing
smells fishey to me......... Cool
Hmmm balancing out the scales a bit on what he gets up too???? (Fish scales that is!!) Laughing
I was going to make a fishy comment but everyone beat me to it. Sad
On a scale of 1 to 10, how fishy? Ick.

Listen, I could make up a long tail here, but you folks would probably carp about it, and I don't want to hear it.

In fact, I'm up to my gills with all of the complaints. Even though I could give schooling on how to deal with them, now I'm getting a haddock. But I'm not going to blubber about it.

What the hake, I'd probably sell that site for a fin just to get rid of it, although it's going swimmingly, the content is current, and the little fry seem to love it.
That was a whale of a post, Ron! (Oh no, I've been sucked into bad puns!!)
You can't see me but I'm giving you the "Spock lifting the eyebrow at Kirk look"

Iriskmj wrote:
You can't see me but I'm giving you the "Spock lifting the eyebrow at Kirk look"

My husband ran a WHOIS on both the sites and says they appear to be registered very differently and to different people. Also, he says this forum software is pretty commonly used opensource software, so you can't read too much into that. One of his Linux websites uses the same software as well.

I was asking him if it was Ron or not because I was confused by his fishy related answer. I'm easily gullable. Smile
Just for the record.... it's not me.

Or is it?
No no no. It's not.


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